Bill Maher continues to be embroiled in controversy after his use of a racial slur last week, and Ice Cube is prepared to give him some “Real Talk” about it.

The rapper was already scheduled to appear on Friday’s episode of HBO’s “Real Talk With Bill Maher” and has no intention of backing out now.

“Ice Cube will still appear on Bill Maher this Friday as scheduled to talk about the release of ‘Death Certificate: 25th Anniversary edition,’ an album that was recorded in the wake of the Rodney King beating in 1991, which sadly, speaks to many of the same race issues that we as a society are still dealing with today,” a representative for Ice Cube told The Times in a statement Tuesday morning.

Maher made headlines last week when, during a conversation with Republican Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska, he used a racial slur to refer to himself as a house slave.

Both HBO and Maher issued apologies shortly after the episode aired, but the conversation surrounding the word continues.

Democratic Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota was also scheduled to appear on this week’s episode of “Real Talk” but announced Monday that he was now declining the invitation.

“What Bill Maher said was inappropriate and offensive, which is why he made the decision not to appear on the next episode of ‘Real Time.’ He was glad to see Bill, who the senator considers to be a good friend, apologize and express sincere regret for his comment,” a spokesperson for Franken said in a statement.

Ice Cube is scheduled to be the mid-show interview guest, while Michael Eric Dyson — who had a notably mixed response to Maher’s use of the slur — will be the top-of-show interview.

Also scheduled to be on Friday’s episode are CNN political analyst David Gregory, former Republican Rep. David Jolly of Florida and activist Symone Sanders.


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