East Lansing police threaten ‘Stranger Things’ spoilers

Don’t want to know what happens on the hugely popular Netflix series? Then don’t get arrested, cops say

Adam Graham
The Detroit News

The East Lansing Police Department pondered last weekend a bold new strategy in law enforcement: the threat of spoilers.

The official Twitter account of the East Lansing PD issued a warning on Sunday, saying its jail cell walls were lined with spoilers from “Stranger Things,” the popular Netflix series whose second season debuted Oct. 27.

“Some extra motivation for you to not end up there,” the tweet read, accompanied by a GIF of “Stranger Things” character Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) eating an Eggo waffle.

The threat of of spoilers managed to pique the interest of several Twitter users. “Get arrested and verify this,” one user wrote, tagging a friend who replied, “i’ll do. can’t leave the curiosity door locked.”

But the idea was “just humor,” East Lansing police said Monday — a joke. There will be nothing on the cell walls save for an errant message scrawled by those who end up behind bars.

“Stranger Things” is one of the most popular series on Netflix, and it has a strong following with millennial viewers and college students. The streaming service does not release viewership numbers, but a Nielsen study says the first episode of the second season was watched by 15.8 million viewers, which puts it on par with “Game of Thrones” and “The Walking Dead.”

As far as spoilers are concerned, East Lansing police may be a bit behind the ball: Many viewers likely already binge-watched the entire season, so there would be nothing left to spoil.



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