Macomb County's piano-playing pizza boy shows off his chops for Ellen

Tony Paul
The Detroit News
Metro Detroit's Bryce Dudal plays the piano on "Ellen" on Monday.

Bryce Dudal is used to delivering pitches and pizzas.

This week, he delivered on his grandest stage yet — "Ellen."

Dudal, 18, the Utica Ford graduate who went viral earlier this year for showing off his piano chops while on a routine house call for Hungry Howie's, was a guest of Ellen DeGeneres' on Tuesday.

The comedian had some fun with Dudal, with playful jabs like, "When we get cold pizza, it's because of people like you playing the piano?"

Dudal then performed for DeGeneres and the studio audience, and when it was over, DeGeneres surprised the Macomb Community College freshman by gifting him the black Yamaha baby grand he had just played.

Dudal became an Internet sensation in July, when he was delivering pies to a father in Metro Detroit. Dudal spotted the piano, and asked if he could play. The man taped his Beethoven performance with his cell phone, sent it to his wife, she posted it to Facebook, and the Internet went absolutely bananas.

Dudal didn't know he did anything special until the next morning.

"I wake up the next day and my manager called me and was like, 'Dude, you got like millions of views,''" Dudal, dressed in his red Hungry Howie's shirt on set in Burbank, Calif., told DeGeneres.

"Your manager at the pizza place," DeGeneres clarified, hilariously and sarcastically. "You don't have a manager."

The end result from that delivery — a $10 tip and perhaps more than just your typical 15 minutes of fame.

Dudal can really play. He's been playing piano for years, and dreams of being a concert pianist, traveling all over the world, he told DeGeneres.

"Every time I see a piano, I have to play it," said Dudal, noting this wasn't the first time he'd rocked out on a pizza delivery. The Varchetti family in Shelby Township just happened to be the first to share his talents. "It doesn't matter where it's at."

Dudal graduated from Utica Ford in the spring and has started at Macomb Community College, where he was to play baseball. He's a left-handed pitcher, and a darn good one, with a 1.89 ERA his senior year of high school.

But Dudal said he has left his college team to focus on his new musical opportunities.

"Baseball," he said. "really requires a lot."

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