Gift guide: Embrace TV nostalgia with the right item

Leanne Italie
Associated Press

There’s no nostalgia quite like TV nostalgia, for just the right binge-watcher or old time fanatic, at least. A few ideas for retro TV gifts pegged to hit shows through the decades:

‘The Honeymooners’

Search around for vintage doll sets of favorite characters in original packaging, autographed photos and framed studio stills with show stats. Head to eBay, Amazon or other sites and shops that deal in collectibles.

Otherwise, go for chuckles with a mousepad or T-shirt emblazoned with “The International Order of Loyal Raccoons” or an “Alice Kramden is my role model” mug or onesie, for the next generation.

A particular favorite on A nicely done graphite pencil drawing of Ed Norton doing the Hucklebuck on hoodies and T-shirts. $25.52.

‘Star Trek’

We’re talking the original series. These collectibles are plentiful. Know what you’re doing and how much you should be paying for this stuff.

There are tons of Star Trek gift items all over the place, including an oven mitt with the split fingers of the Vulcan peace and prosperity greeting on, for $9.99. Shirts abound on, including a retro look for women in a yellow crew with original characters. $24.99.

The shop at put the Delta on a 16-ounce wine glass for $9.99 and offers a USS Enterprise bottle opener for $14.95, cause those get lost. Gift an ugly sweater that reads: “Trek the Halls.” $64.99.

How about a set of Vulcan earbuds , complete with pointy ears, from Anovos? $35.

‘Good Times’

Pick up a “Dyn-O-Mite!” T-shirt. Cafe Press even has one in white for dogs. $19.95.

The actor-comedian who played J.J. Evans, Jimmie Walker, made that word his signature. He wrote a memoir with Sal Manna, “Dyn-O-Mite! Good Times, Bad Times, Our Times.” The book details Walker’s violent and abusive upbringing in the Bronx, his rise as a standup comedian and tensions on the set of this hit CBS program. Dig around for the best copy or look for digital or audio versions to gift.

Got a Janet Jackson fan who appreciates her time on the show as Penny Gordon Woods? Pick up something special on Jackson’s official website. It’s full of State of the World Tour and Rhythm Nation merch. How about a black, vanilla-scented Janet candle in a gifty black box? $24.95 at

“The Golden Girls”

The gals, especially Betty White, are having a prolonged moment.

There are Golden Girls branded Monopoly , Trivial Pursuit and Clue board games because, why not. There’s a Sophia “action” figure , fleece throws and Pez dispensers of the entire gang.

Not good enough? How about a backpack with the cast of the NBC hit on it, a Shady Pines retirement home mug or Rose socks? Still not just right? Search Amazon for a pink sweatshirt with Blanche, Rose, Sophia and Dorothy heads that reads: “Squad Goals.”

Fans with cars might enjoy the Golden Girls car windshield sun shade with true-to-life likenesses of the ladies that might prompt a few turned heads from passers-by. Available at for $29.99. That site also sells a set of four colorful shot glasses, one Golden Girl per glass. $19.99.

And thanks to a company called Funko, which makes licensed pop culture collectibles, the holy grail of Golden Girl “it” items is a purple-hued, Cheerio-shaped cereal with a toy figure inside. It was so hot that private sellers are now asking up to nearly $85 a box.

‘The Office’

All things Dunder Mifflin are available, from tumblers and water bottles to apparel and Pam’s watercolor painting of the building. Look no further than for a nice selection.

How about a Schrute Farms Beets Bed and Breakfast T-shirt , in beet color. Go to Amazon.

There’s a duo of gifts for a superfan who’s also your sweetheart? The NBC online store sells an “I love you like Jim Loves Pam” throw and mug as a set. $65.95.

‘Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood’

This year is the 50th anniversary of the first airing of the iconic PBS show back in 1968. With the addition of a recent documentary, Fred Rogers is top of mind for fans.

The PBS online store is ready. There’s a fabulous mug adorned with favorite quotes and song lyrics and the man himself. When you add hot water, his attire changes from his business suit to his cardigan. $13.99.

There’s a colorful wood replica of the show’s famous Neighborhood Trolley for $59.99, an array of socks emblazoned with his visage, T-shirts, a magnetic dress-up set, notecards, sticky notes with inspirational quotes and even a branded bar of soap that runs $3.99.