As Fox 2 News' Huel Perkins nears retirement, Monica Gayle 'thinking about it'

James David Dickson
The Detroit News

Southfield — Huel Perkins will retire from Fox 2 News at some point in 2022, he told The News, while fellow anchor Monica Gayle said she also is "thinking about" retirement but "hasn't made any decisions."

Huel Perkins, foreground, along with Bob Richards, Rebecca Abramson, Kim Brancato and Chinelo Azibo. Like most TV news teams during the coronavirus pandemic, Fox 2 is working with a reduced in-office staff these days.

Deadline Detroit first reported that "a source familiar" with Perkins' thinking said he'd retire in March.

Perkins said Wednesday that "it will happen, but not right away."

He said he will "absolutely, no question" retire in 2022, but "it's not over yet," and no end date has been set.

He cited the death of close friend Steve Hood at 58, and the 2017 death of colleague Ron Savage at 63 as factors in his decision.

"I'm 67," Perkins said. "Time to go."

Perkins said he plans to spend "at least a year having fun" before planning his next move.

"I will be on the golf course every other day — maybe every day," Perkins said. "You will not see me in ads."

Gayle, who has been with Fox 2 News since 1997, told The News on Wednesday that she's pondering her future.

"I am thinking about (retirement)," Gayle said. "But I haven't made any decisions."

Clockwise from top left: Monica Gayle, Sherry Margolis, Amy Lange, Roop Raj, Huel Perkins and Taryn Asher work from home and the newsroom.

Gayle said the last one-and-a-half years have been "crazy," a time period coinciding with the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We used to joke that 'we can't work from home'" in the TV news business, Gayle said. "But it turns out we could. I have been around long enough to say I've done that."

Fox 2 News director Kevin Roseborough did not immediately respond to a request for comment.