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Metro Detroit father-daughter duo are still in the 'Amazing Race'

Maureen Feighan
The Detroit News

Metro Detroit father-daughter duo Arun and Natalia Kumar are still racing around the world — but they'll need to pick up the pace.

Arun, who lives in Sterling Heights, and daughter Natalia, who lives in Canton Township, finished last in Wednesday's episode of "The Amazing Race" which had them bungee jumping and making sausage in Switzerland. But luckily it wasn't an elimination round, so they're still in the race.

"We know we're better than this," said Natalia to host Phil Keoghan at Wednesday's pit stop in Lugano, Switzerland. 

Arun Kumar and his daughter Natalia Kumar are competing on the 33rd season of "The Amazing Race."

Arun and Natalia have already been eliminated once this season after struggling with a singing and dancing challenge in Scotland. But the duo was allowed to come back when filming finally resumed last fall after a year and a half pit stop because of COVID-19 and some teams weren't able to return to restart the race. Arun and Natalia and another previously eliminated team were allowed to rejoin the race. 

"The pressure is definitely on," said Natalia.

Arun, 56, the co-owner of four Dunkin' franchises across Metro Detroit, and Natalia, 28, a lead designer with Ford Motor Co., are longtime fans of "The Amazing Race," one of the most celebrated reality shows of all time now in its 33rd season. They said they've been watching it since Natalia was a child and it's a dream come true to be competing together.

But they've struggled with navigating and self-driving during nearly every leg of the race this season, which has already taken them to England, Scotland and Switzerland. During Wednesday's episode, they went in the wrong direction after the hair-raising bungee jump challenge, which set them back nearly an hour.

"We feel good that we're still in the race but we can do so much better," said Arun.

They'll have their work cut out for them if they want to stay in the race. They'll be the last team to leave Switzerland for the next leg of the race.

"You will not see us last in the next leg," said Natalia.

"The Amazing Race" airs at 9 p.m. Wednesdays on CBS Detroit.