'Chloe' review: Social media obsession leads to real life mystery

Amazon Prime series follows a woman who becomes fixated on someone she follows on social media.

Tom Long
Special to The Detroit News

“Chloe” is an intriguing tangle of lies and obsession, a well-made striptease of a show that slowly reveals all over six episodes of cringey psychological suspense. 

Heads don’t explode, super-heroes don’t save the day and nobody hires a hitman. Instead “Chloe” is that rarest of birds, an adult drama, albeit one stuffed with odd turns and awkward encounters.

Erin Doherty in "Chloe."

Even the show’s title is a bit of misdirection as the central character is not named Chloe. She is instead Becky Green (Erin Doherty, best known as the caustic Princess Anne on "The Crown"). Twentysomething Becky lives in a coastal English town, sharing an apartment with her mother (Lisa Palfrey), who’s suffering early onset dementia.

Becky works as a temp and her main preoccupation seems to be following the social media accounts of a woman named — you got it — Chloe (Poppy Gilbert), a beautiful young redhead with a wealthy husband and a gaggle of good-looking friends. They all look so happy in that bubbly social media, photos-on-your-phone way. 

Then tragedy strikes, and Becky decides she has to find out what really happened to Chloe. So she adopts the name Sasha — which comes with psychological baggage to be revealed later — and sort of insinuates herself into Chloe’s group of friends, including Chloe’s husband (Billy Howle).

For a while the show is a tightrope walk as Sasha/Becky avoids being exposed. But creator Alice Seabright balances those tense moments with real revelations and questions about who Chloe was and why Becky is so fixated on her. 

There are clunky moments — a letter discovered towards the end is a bit much — but Doherty brings a manic need to the part that’s hard to shake. It’s the sad reality behind all the pretense on display, on social media and in real life.

Tom Long is a longtime contributor to The Detroit News. 



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