Detroit News, DPTV report on Michigan's caregiving crisis

The Detroit News

Detroit Public Television featured Detroit News reporting in its "One Detroit" series and focused on the crisis of caregiving in Michigan and the responsibility that those with aging loved ones may inevitably face.

DPTV Senior Producer Bill Kubota joined Detroit News reporters Hayley Harding and Sarah Rahal and explored their recent story: "Caregivers in Michigan are reaching a breaking point."

The reporters spent time with caregivers Nakia Gaither, Doria Rainey and Rosa Eileen Hunter, who look after aging mothers. They candidly share the life adjustments that come with being a primary caregiver along with the emotional, physical and financial challenges that are attached.

Nakia and Dorothy Gaither, from left, are featured in a caregiving segment as part of a collaboration between One Detroit and The Detroit News.

The reporters also spoke with leading experts in caregiving locally and nationally — Bea Rector with the Washington State Aging and Long-Term Support Administration, Dana Lasenby with Oakland Community Health Network and Rita Choula with AARP’s Public Policy Institute — about ways caregivers can receive support, identifying resources and potential solutions other states have adopted that could provide a pathway to easing the financial burdens or discrimination caregivers may face.

Detroit News reporters Sarah Rahal, left, and Hayley Harding.

Due to a lack of data surrounding caregivers in Michigan, The News was involved in the surveying of 500 caregivers showing that often Metro Detroit caregivers who need help the most receive the least in terms of support and resources. The survey was done as part of an effort sponsored by the New York & Michigan Solutions Journalism Collaborative, of which The News and DPTV are members.

The collaborative focuses on not only identifying problems but reporting potential solutions from around the nation. The collaborative also has compiled a detailed Caregiving Resource Guide with links to online information about various issues of interest to caregivers.

New York & Michigan Solutions Journalism Collaborative's ongoing occasional series, Invisible Army: Caregivers on the Front Lines, focuses on potential solutions to challenges facing caregivers of older adults.

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