Bizarro comedy team Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim are on a roll. The pair has a new horror/comedy series on Adult Swim, “Bedtime Stories,” and they’re currently on tour with Dr. Steve Brule, played by Academy Award-nominated actor John C. Reilly.

Influenced by Monty Python and low-budget cable access programs, Tim and Eric became popular for their surrealistic and wacky comedy with the debut of “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!,” which debuted on Adult Swim in 2007. That spawned the spin-off “Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule.” The latter stars Reilly as a mush-mouthed, awkward mess.

Wareheim calls the tour, which hits the Royal Oak Music Theatre on Tuesday, an “anti-show.”

“There’s a lot of breakdowns and purposeful mess-ups. Whatever we do, we lampoon. We’re lampooning the idea of what a comedy show is.”

That is on par with what a lot of Tim and Eric do. Their sketch-style shows can be puzzling, uncomfortable and odd, to say the least, but wildly funny at the same time.

Besides the tour, the pair is promoting “Bedtime Stories,” which is a 15-minute alternative comedy series that aims to be funny and disturbing. They wrote and directed the episodes and star in most of them, along with guest stars such as Zach Galifianakis, Jason Schwartzman and Lauren Cohan (“Walking Dead”). In one episode, “Toes,” Bob Odenkirk plays a plastic surgeon who removes people’s toes because he thinks they’re ugly.

“We wanted it to be this short film anthology series very similar to ‘Twilight Zone’ ” Wareheim says. “Every week, there’s new characters, new plot, new actors, but they all have this nightmarish quality about it.

“Tim and I are graduating toward dramatic, dark stuff, but we have this silly side.”

“Bedtime Stories” is a perfect platform for the comedians to show off what they do best, which is to parody everyday people. Whether they’re playing a clueless sap or an narcissistic party boy, Tim and Eric bring out the absurdity in every type of person.

“A lot of it is observing people. ... I’m constantly taking notes and taking pictures of people for potential characters,” Wareheim says. “With a lot of our stuff, people are like, ‘This is so wild and crazy,’ but a lot of it is based off reality.”

Tim and Eric with Dr. Steve Brule

7 and 10 p.m. Tuesday

Royal Oak Music Theatre

318 W. Fourth, Royal Oak

Tickets $37.50 (early show sold out)

(248) 399-2980

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