Matrix Theatre raising money to replace stolen items

Michael H. Hodges
Detroit News Fine Arts Writer

Southwest Detroit’s Matrix Theatre has mounted a crowdsourcing campaign to raise funds after burglars broke into the nonprofit late Monday night, making off with three computers vital to its operations.

The robbers, says artistic director Megan Buckley-Ball, took a Mac Mini with special QLab software that runs visual projections and sound during performances, as well as the laptop for box-office sales and another devoted to the theater’s accounting.

The scoundrels also took $70 in cash.

“They entered the building through an emergency exit,” Buckley-Ball says, “made their way through the theater, and kicked in the door to the office.”

Matrix officials filed a police report and have serial numbers for all three machines. They’ve called local pawn shops to alert them, but realize the chances of recovery might be slim — hence the crowdsourcing campaign.

Buckley-Ball estimates they need to raise $5,000 to replace computers, fix damage, and upgrade security to include motion sensors and cameras.

To donate, visit crowdrise.com and search for “Matrix Theatre.”


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