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Get tips from the pros on taking better photos.

Get advice from The Detroit News photographers

Do you have a digital camera but aren't taking great photos?

Do you stick with the "auto" settings because you don't know which settings to use in which situations?

Does the instruction manual make your eyes cross?

We've got some free advice for you.

Attend The Detroit News' informal seminar, "How to Take Better Photos," and learn from staff photographer Dale G. Young and photo/video editor John T. Greilick.

Learn how to:

·Change the camera's settings to affect the look of the image and the message it gives the viewers.

·Know when to go "full manual" or stick with "auto" settings.

·Understand file formats and sizes and how they affect your photos.

·Find good deals on equipment and tips on when you should avoid a deal.

Bring your questions, and feel free to bring your camera. You'll probably hear some war stories from Dale and John, who have spent decades shooting every kind of photo assignment we could throw at them. We have room for 22 participants, so don't delay in signing up.


The event is from 7 to 8:30 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 5, in our downtown Detroit office at 160 W. Fort Street.

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