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Little Red Hen by Nolan Finley

Five Insiders will win a copy of Little Red Hen: A Collection of Columns from Detroit's Conservative Voice, signed by author Nolan Finley.

Since 2000, newspaperman Nolan Finley’s writing has graced the editorial page of the Detroit News, offering thoughtful insight beyond the headlines of the day. His musings range from global wars to craterous potholes, from politicians—both competent and criminally corrupt—to the near carnal thrill of a rolling masterpiece of Detroit automotive art. Little Red Hen collects the best of Finley’s columns, weaving a chronology of recurring themes and colorful characters. Finley opines from a classically conservative perspective on issues like culture and politics, Detroit’s cancerous blight and nascent rebirth, bankruptcy and education. From geopolitical nightmares to wedding landmines to a hunt for incandescent light bulbs, from family and friends to the world at large, Nolan Finley is often thought provoking, occasionally hilarious and always worth reading.

Published by Dunlap Goddard. Forward by Stephen Henderson. Edited by Ingrid Jacques.

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