Five Cocktails You'll Fall For

The Detroit News

Fall is finally here! Time to enjoy the smell of cinnamon, oranges and cloves, snuggle in soft blankets while you watch your favorite flick and enjoy a cocktail (or two) in front of a crackling fire with that special someone.

Here are five cocktails to enjoy as the days grow shorter and the nights longer.

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 1. Spiced Cider Margarita

 (Makes 2)


6 ounces apple cider

4 ounces silver tequila

2 ounces triple sec

1 lime

Pinch of brown sugar

2 apple slices for garnish


1. Start by rimming your glass with brown sugar.

2. Next, add the apple cider, tequila, triple sec and lime juice into a cocktail shaker.

3. Add a little brown sugar into the mix and start shaking.

4. Finally, pour the concoction over ice into glasses and enjoy!


2. Hot Apple-Ginger Toddy

(Makes 2)


2 cups apple cider

2 ounces bourbon or dark rum

2 thin slices of fresh ginger

2 lemon slices

Drizzle of honey

Mulling spices to your liking (cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, allspice, nutmeg)


1. Add the cider, ginger and mulling spices into a saucepan over medium to low heat for 15 minutes.

2. Drizzle some honey into heat-safe glasses.

3. Pour the liquor and hot cider into your glasses.

3. Add a little squeeze of lemon, stir and enjoy!


3. Pumpkin Pie Martini

(Makes 2)


2 ounces pumpkin spice liqueur

1 ounce Kahlua

1 ounce butterscotch Schnapps

1 ounce half and half

Crushed graham crackers


1. Start by rimming your glass with crushed graham cracker.

2. Next add all your liquids into a shaker filled with ice and mix it up.

3. Pour the chilled drink into your prepared glass and get ready to sip some pumpkin bliss!


4. Candy Corn Cocktail

(Makes 3)


1 and a half cups vodka

1 cup candy corn

3/4 cup pineapple juice


1. Add your candy corn and vodka into a jar.

2. Seal the lid tightly and let it stand for at least four hours.

3. Once the four hours is up, place half a cup of infused vodka and one-fourth cup pineapple juice into a shaker with ice.

4. Shake it up and pour into a martini glass. Enjoy!

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5. Black Widow Martini

(Makes 1)


2 ounces of black vodka

Half ounce of Black Raspberry Liqueur

2 ounces blackberry or grape juice


1. Combine the vodka, liqueur and juice of your choice in a shaker with ice.

2. Mix it up, pour and enjoy!

3. (Optional) Garnish with a fake black spider or a black licorice stick.