DIY: Easy And Cheap Gifts To Make

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Making DIY gifts.

I'm always looking for fun things to give teachers, bus drivers and others on my list that I want to give a little something to but don’t want to go broke doing it.

Here are several I’ve done. Log in below to see what they are!

--Buffy Andrews


Emergency Chocolate kit.


Who doesn’t love chocolate! Here’s a fun way to give it. Create an Emergency Chocolate kit. The recipient can stash it away and break it out when only a piece of chocolate will do! 


  • Assorted chocolate (Hershey’s kisses, miniatures and nuggets work well)
  • Plastic container (I bought mine at the dollar store)
  • Homemade label
  • Ribbon
  • Glue
Emergency chocolate kit.



Just arrange the candy in the container. Make sure it closes securely

Make a label for the top of the container. You can either print it by hand or on the computer. If you have a laminator, I suggest laminating the label for added durability.

Glue the label to the top of the container. Finish it off with some ribbon.

Tip: If you want, buy containers that have sections to hold the different candies.

Tip: Instead of making a label, you can make a red cross sign out of red washi tape, positioning it in the middle of the lid. Then add a tag that says Emergency Chocolate.

Awesome Blossoms.


These miniature flower pots are so adorable and fun to give. Plus, when they're done eating the goodies inside, they're perfect for holding paper clips, push pins, rings and other things! 


  • Mini terracotta pot
  • 2 pieces of ribbon
  • Small Plastic Bag
  • Candy (I bought gummi flowers)
  • Button or other embellishment (optional)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Tag (bought or homemade)
  • Hole punch
Awesome Blossoms


Attach ribbon around the mouth of the clay pot, tying it in a pretty ribbon in the front.

If you’d like, glue a button or other embellishment to the center of the bow.

Fill a small plastic bag with candy (size of the bag will depend on the size of your pot).

Write a greeting on the tag and punch a hole at the top. Thread the second piece of ribbon through the hole and tie around the top of your bag before inserting the bag into the pot.

Tip: If you are using wrapped candy, you can skip the bag and fill the pot with the wrapped candy.

Tip: If your gift recipient doesn’t care for candy, I’ve found that sunflower seeds work well.

Festive jars.


This one’s super easy. Turn a glass jar into a festive gift. If the jar is clear, choose colorful candy to fill it.

The fun part of this gift is decorating the lid.

Festive jar.


Here are a couple suggestions.

Use ribbon to tie a bow around the side of the lid and add a fun button to the center.

Twist mini berry garland around green garland and hot glued it to the side of the lid. Attach a bow and embellish it with a button.

Tip: Empty mayonnaise jars work well.

Nuggets wrapped in book pages.


Candies wrapped in book pages

This is a great way to use pages from a book that is falling apart. A fun gift for teachers, book club members and others who love literature!


  • Hershey nuggets
  • Old book pages
  • Tape
  • Container or bag to hold the nuggets
  • Tag
  • Ribbon


You will need slips of paper 1 inch wide and 3 inches long. Depending on the size of the page, you’ll be able to get several wraps out of it to cover your nuggets.

I usually cut the outer margin off the page before cutting the slips.

Tape one end of the slip to the back of the nugget and wrap the paper  around the nugget, securing it with another piece of tape.  

That’s all there is to it. Cover as many nuggets as you like and place them in a box or bag.

Write Book Nuggets on a tag and secure to your container with ribbon.

Tip: Buy a small box in the shape of a book to hold the wrapped nuggets. These boxes are the perfect finish for this perfect gift!

Tip: You can also wrap nuggets in card stock. I’ve done this using Christmas card stock, Valentine’s card stock, etc.   

--Buffy Andrews