DIY: Make A Gardener’s Wreath

The Detroit News

Have a few old leaky hoses lying around in your garage? How about a trowel that’s seen better days? Here’s a creative way to recycle those old garden tools. Plus it’s fun to dress up your front door or a garden gate for summer.

With a few supplies from a local craft store or garden center (or perhaps from your garage), and less than an hour of your time, you can create your own garden-hose wreath. Even if you don’t have an old hose at home, you can buy a new one, plus all the supplies for the wreath shown, for less than $20.

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Supplies you'll need:

  • A garden hose (at least 25 feet long; a 50-foot hose will make two wreaths.)
  • Floral wire Scissors or wire snips
  • 1 bunch of leafy silk or plastic greens, or vines
  • 1 bunch plastic or silk flowers
  • Decorations such as gardening gloves, small flower pots, decorative watering can, small garden tools or seed packets. (If you want to hang your wreath outdoors, use waterproof decorations.)
  • A hot-glue gun


Step 1: Coil your garden hose into a circle. If your hose is too long, you can cut one end off at the desired length and hide the unattractive cut end at the back of the wreath at the top so it will be hidden by the flowers. Hold it in position with floral wire.

Step 2: Secure the hose at the top by wrapping the wire around it. Secure it in two more places, leaving the bottom free of wire. Make sure the hose nozzle is in a spot where it won't be hidden by decorations.

Step 3: Arranging the decorations: Lay the decorations out on the wreath to see how you want them placed. When you have your wreath designed the way you like it, start attaching the decorations with wire.

Step 4: Attach the vine or bunch of leaves at the top of the wreath using wire. Make sure you hold the wreath upright to see of any leaves droop or fall down. Give it a good shake to see if anything is loose and needs to be better secured with wire or hot glue. Cover up the wire as much as possible by using hot glue to attach the leaves to it. Note: Be very careful when using hot glue — use a pencil or other object to push the leaves against the hose, not your fingers.

Step 5: To give the gardening gloves more dimension, fill them with tissues, or if it’s going outside, fill them with plastic wrap. Attach them to the wreath by poking the wire through the fabric to bunch it up, then wrap the wire around the hose to hold in place. If you’re going to hang your wreath indoors, you can decorate it with seed packets. Remove the seeds and wrinkle the packets. Then use hot glue to attach them.

Step 6: Cut stems of flowers from the bunch and use them to fill in any bare spots or places where you can see the wire. Apply hot glue to the end of the stem and stick it into the leaves, making sure the glue makes contact with the hose.

Step 7: Use floral wire to make a hanger.