Grilled Cheese Recipes

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Homemade Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup for Lunch

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day is April 12th. Celebrate by making your favorite grilled cheese recipes for every meal! Grilled cheese sandwiches are loved and enjoyed around the world - Who doesn't love a grilled cheese? Cheese is the main ingredient, what could be better!

Grilled to perfection:
The following sandwich-making tips come from food writer Laura Werlin's "Great Grilled Cheese," her third cookbook, which pays homage to this American classic with 50 creative sandwich recipes.

A few tips:

1. Grate, don't slice: Grated cheese melts faster, so the bread tends not to burn.

2. Soft is best: Always use softened butter -- it will spread easily on the bread and make the bread brown evenly.

3. Salted butter is best: Salted butter adds more flavor to the outside of the bread.

4. Nonstick is best: Always use a nonstick skillet so sandwiches won't stick to the pan.

5. Cover it: Best to cover the sandwich when cooking on the first side, in order to melt the cheese sufficiently.

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