Give warmth: Clothes and gadget gifts

Judith Harris Solomon
Special to The Detroit News
Fleeced-lined Totally Toasty neck warmer. It sells for $78 at lululemon.

Brrrrr! You don't have to be a trained meteorologist to predict that we're going to have a very cold winter yet again this year. So this holiday season, why not do your friends and your family a favor and gift them with some very cool items that are guaranteed to keep them warm:

1. Made in the USA, this formidable red plaid Mackinaw Cruiser jacket from Filson USA comes with a lifetime guarantee. Made out of heavy 24-ounce wool, it's designed to be worn in harsh and frigid conditions and costs $340 at Willys Detroit.

Red plaid Mackinaw Cruiser jacket from Filson USA. It sells for $340 at Willys Detroit.

2. Cheers! Being outdoors on a very cold day could get a lot more pleasant thanks to these mittens ($19.95) that include a 4-ounce flask concealed in one of the thumbs and also a plastic funnel. Available in your choice of orange or black, the mittens costs $19.95 per pair at Sur La Table.

3. How clever! Each hat's band functions as a locking mechanism that prevents the hat from blowing off in the wind. From Stormy Kromer and made in Ironwood,the ladie's Petal Pusher-style caps and the men's Bench Warmer-style caps cost $49.99 each and can be purchased at The Detroit Mercantile Company in Detroit's Eastern Market.

4. It's more than tres chic. This fleece-lined, Totally Toasty pale pink and pale gray knit neck warmer ($78) is mighty practical as well. A matching ear warmer costs $38 and both items are in stock at lululemon.

5. Techies, take note! These ALLTouch 180s gloves ($39) will keep your hands warm and provide touch-screen compatibility on all five fingers at the same time. Find them waiting to text at Brookstone. Warning: Be sure to try these on in the store. While they are nifty gloves, they charge a $7 return fee if they don't fit.

Aux fur throws ($79) and matching slippers ($19), available at Restoration Hardware.

6. So glamorous, so politically correct! Faux fur throws ($79) and matching slippers ($19) are available in your choice of faux wolf, mink, lynx, sable, arctic fox or coyote at Restoration Hardware at the Somerset Collection in Troy.

7. You can always count on hot chocolate to warm the cockles of your heart, as well as your hands and feet. Gift someone special with a can of North Pole Cocoa ($8.95), Hammond's peppermint candy stirrers ($6.95) and Madyson's handcrafted marshmallow beverage toppers ($8.95). Find them all at Sur La Table.

UofM and MSU fleece-like unisex lounge pants for children and adults can be found at Guys N Gals in West Bloomfield.

8. Whether you root for UM or MSU is immaterial because you're bound to love the fleece-like, cozy material these lounge pants are made of. From a company called With Love and Kisses, the unisex pants come in kid and adult sizes, and range in price from $58 to $60 at Guys N Gals in West Bloomfield.

9. Oh Ugg … you've done it again! The lady's Juliette boot, with embroidered flowers ($199.95), and the man's Classic Mini boot, with leather hand-stitching ($169.95), are new this year. They look good, and feel good and warm when you wear them. Find them ready for their marching orders at The Walking Company in Troy and Clinton Township.

10. In stock in several different vibrant colors, these knit hats ($26 each) sport the initial of your choice embroidered front and center onto a vegan leather patch.

ThermaCell Heated Insoles ($129.99-$179.99) can be found at Kmart, Bass Pro Shops, Cabela's and Wal-Mart

11. No, they don't get so hot that your feet sweat, but the ThermaCell Heated Insoles ($129.99-$179.99) will keep your feet from feeling the cold for hours, no matter what the weather. Powered by a battery that must be charged ahead of time and placed into the insoles, they can be cut to fit your shoe size and activated by a small remote control for high heat (110 degrees), medium (100 degrees) or no heat. You can find them at Kmart, Bass Pro Shops, Cabela's or Wal-Mart.

Judith Harris Solomon is a Metro Detroit freelance writer.

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