Take tips from the man cave to improve the family room

Kathryn Weber
Tribune Content Agency

Man caves are a popular way to decorate and create a man-friendly atmosphere, but a lot of their appeal also transfers to family rooms. So why not borrow a few ideas from man cave decorating to incorporate into your family room for a room that's more fun and interactive?

Man Cave Must-Haves

Without question, man cave decorating often hinges on a big TV that grabs plenty of attention. Although we'd often like to say we're not TV-addicted, it's just not true. Families sometimes are only together when they're watching TV, so we might as well give in and have a big one that everyone really enjoys. Plus, nature shows and feature films look really great when they're upsized.

Man caves also feature activity, like a game table, shuffleboard or pool table. One of the hardest things to manage in these busy times is family activities, so having something fun to do in your family room means that much more opportunity to spend quality time together. If you're a family of singers, create a corner stage so family members can take turns singing karaoke or even just acting out charades. If video games are the thing that gets everyone fired up for fun, make sure you're equipped with all the right seating and equipment so the whole family can play along.

The absolute must-have is big, comfy seating. Man caves don't like fussy upholstery and dainty slipper chairs, and families relax so much more when seating accommodates togetherness. A seating area with a large sectional sofa that has either reclining seats or a chaise attached makes the perfect setup. These areas seat the whole family together while watching movies or playing video games. It's always a good idea, too, to have a single chair or two to give everyone options for seating.

Final Touches

Using the man cave mantra of making it fun, add some whimsical decor to your family room. Find activities the family enjoys. For example, a bowling pin and ball makes the right accessory for a bookshelf. A neon barbecue sign is an amusing way to add some color and make a nod to the family's love of cooking out. If your family is a big fan of a certain sport or team, this makes decorating even easier. Look online at sites like eBay for unique accessories.

Creating some enjoyment in the family room could include adding a storage ottoman where you can keep cards and games at the ready for impromptu fun. Many man caves also have bars and a small kitchen space for making snacks and drinks. If there's room, add a small microwave oven for popcorn or a beverage refrigerator for cold drinks to keep snacks at the ready.