Hot heads sleep better in summer with cooling pillows

Kathryn Weber
Tribune Content Agency

Scientists say that your head gives off more heat than any other part of your body. And if there's one spot during the summer that heats up in bed more than any other, it's where your put your head at night. Constant pillow flipping to find a cool spot or rearranging your pillow all night long can interrupt your sleep. Fortunately, there are lots of new options to help you keep a cool head during those long, hot summer nights.

In the past decade there's one innovation that's taken over the sleep world: memory foam. But one of the common complaints about memory foam mattresses and pillows is how warm they stay. In winter, this is an obvious asset. But in the summertime, when all you want is a cool spot to lay your head, it can cause you to sweat and leave you unable to find some cool relief. Today, there are new cooling memory foam options.

Sleep Better Iso-Cool memory foam pillows stay cool for sleeping. Three options — contour, side sleeper and standard pillow -- are available at

For extra nighttime relief, gel memory foam pillows are specially designed just for cooling rest. The gel is added to the foam pillows, often in an overlay that surrounds the pillows and adds another layer of coolness. If you want a pillow that will go through both cool and warm seasons, try the Bodipedic Reversible Memory Foam Pillow with CoolGel HD, available at One side features a cooling gel overlay for nights when it's warm, and the non-gel side gives you the benefits of both standard and cooling options. There are also gel-infused memory foam pillows that offer the cooling benefits of a gel without the gel overlay. Try the Tempure-Rest Big & Soft Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow from

If memory foam pillows aren't your first choice, you'll be happy to know there are standard fill pillows with specially-formulated fill that stays cool. The SleepBetter Iso-Cool by Isotonic offers a standard type pillow with a polyester fill that's designed to remain cooler than regular lofts. When sweating is an issue, choose the SleepBetter ClimaDry pillow that's designed to reduce the humidity in your pillow, resulting in a cooler, drier head. Both pillows can be found at For a natural alternative, buckwheat pillows are known to have more air circulation, making them a good summertime choice for sleeping ( For extra cooling sleep, try the Chillow pillow or insert a gel cooling pad that can be added to any regular pillow (

But, in the end, if you love your pillow and just want to make it cooler, try a pillow case with cooling gel built-in. The Comfort Revolution Cool Pillowcase, available at, turns any pillow into a cool pillow with its gel-lined case that can zip on for summer and taken off for winter.