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Bold front door color gives house facelift

Kathryn Weber
Tribune Content Agency

Realtors often say that a house with curb appeal sells itself. That's because a house that looks like a present ready to be opened is both enticing and entrancing. The starting point, and the focal point, is the front door. And rather than featuring the same old expected hues, today's front doors look more welcoming and fresh when painted a bright, vibrant color.

Move over red

For years we've been told red doors are elegant, and they are. But take the color a step further and give it some edge. What would fit the bill? Try red's relatives: coral, tangerine or even pink.

If your home is in the south, west, or southwest, bold colors are often part of the warm weather decor. But if you live up north, don't discount a bold color, like an electric hue. It might be the thing that sets your house apart from the rest of the block next winter. If a bright color is too much for you, there's always a deep, rich color like Pantone's 2015 color of the year, Marsala, a more modern take on red. Painted on a door surrounded by beige siding, this contemporary shade creates a warm, welcoming look and your house will be on trend.

Brighten up

Lots of front doors get that deep, rich color treatment, but a novel approach is to give it a jolt of electricity. Colors like bright blue, bold yellow, neon green or aqua will up the wattage of your home instantly. Light colors are a great option if your home's siding or brick is darker in color or if you have lots of dark green plantings around. The pop of color will make your house come alive from its dark background. And because the color is on such a small area, you don't have to worry about being overwhelmed by it. With just the front door painted in bold shade, you'll get all the vibrancy of the color and your house will have an air of sophistication at the same time.

Beyond blue

Just like red, blue is another popular shade for doors. To give your blue door a shot in the arm, try a blue-green shade like teal. Or, a robin's egg blue is another choice that's not so expected. Of course, a deep blue gray is always an elegant choice. For chic sophistication, go navy. Navy has a richness that an ordinary medium blue could never touch. If you can't decide between red and blue, go with a combination of them both such as blueberry-rich shade of purple. Drape the door in sparkling hardware and you've got a door that really makes a statement.