Turn the old fake Christmas tree into new decorations

Kathryn Weber
Tribune Content Agency

Your faux Christmas tree might have seen better days, but if you’re thinking about tossing it out and buying a new one next year, rethink your plan.

Before pitching that tree in the trash, recycle it into new decorations now to put away for next year. Then, when you go to buy your new Christmas tree, you’ll have some new items to add to your holiday decor.


Try adding your old tree to a porch to create a holiday vignette. If the tree is falling to pieces, use those pieces to create new decorations from the fallen branches.

An easy-to-make decoration with old tree branches is to create door swags. Using a mix of both bottom and middle branches, wire the stems together if they detach from the tree. Or, using bolt cutters, cut the branches off the tree and wire into two swags. If you have a large front door, make your swag oversized. If you have two doors at your entry, create two matching swags out of your old tree branches.

Another simple repurposing of your old tree is to create window box decorations. Using a standard plastic planter box, fill the box with foam cut to size and taped down with florist tape. Insert the old branches and stems. Accent the branches with faux berries and contrasting stems or holiday floral picks to complete the look.

For something even more fun, make a tree snowman out of three stacked circles of branches wired into the classic snowman shape. Top with a jaunty red scarf and some lights for a cute holiday display.


Use old branches to create decorative table sprays. Take a heavy piece of foam and insert pieces of branches into the foam. Using wire cutters, trim branches to size and create a pleasing shape. Fill the decoration with picks, pinecones and other holiday decorations, and add felt to the bottom of the foam to protect table surfaces.

More ideas include using old branches to create a garland to go around your doorway. Or, put branches to work around the fireplace by wiring them to size for your mantle and you’ll have a full, custom garland.

If the top of the tree is in good shape, disconnect it from the rest of the tree and re-purpose it as a small indoor tree or use it outdoors. Or, use the small tree to add a holiday feel to a bedroom or another small space.