Looking for men’s body wash? Give Detroit a try

Mekeisha Madden Toby
Special to The Detroit News

If you want a good laugh, Google the sentence “What does Detroit smell like?” Not only are the answers varied but rather entertaining.

One website says the city has the stench of marijuana smoke and gunpowder. Another describes Detroit’s scent as fried chicken and dirty feet. The fairest assessment comes from a Huffington Post piece, which judicially and rightly says the aromas vary from neighborhood to neighborhood.

But if you ask the guys at the lifestyle brand Das Boom Industries Inc., creators of the new men’s body wash and lotion called Detroit, Motown smells like a spicy and smoky blend of tobacco, musk and motor oil.

“Das Boom has created several scents inspired by different male archetypes from around the globe,” said Andy Brecher of Das Boom. “From Kyoto to Denali and from the West Indies to Bourbon County, Kentucky, we really thought about what a man from those regions would smell like. Detroit is the latest Das Boom scent and we’re psyched about it.”

The body basics set comes with an 8-ounce bottle of body wash, an 8-ounce bottle of lotion and a body brick soap-infused body sponge for $63. People can also buy a box of two sponges for $22. A bar of Detroit soap costs $15. All the items can be purchased on DasBoomInd.com and sites such as Birchbox.com.

Online reviews have been mostly positive for the Detroit body wash, lotion and soap with the words “manly” and “masculine” used often.

“Do you want to smell like Matt Stafford covered in grease and working on a car engine in a Detroit factory while listening to Eminem?” writes Kam Ambrose. “Then this is for you. My girl loves this stuff. She always tells me I smell good. This stuff reeks of testosterone.”

Das Boom CEO Jonathan Andrew said he’s happy customers are enjoying the body wash and lotion modeled after one of his favorite cities.

“I'm super stoked to have created something that invokes the scent and smell of such a kick a-- city,” Andrew said. “Detroit from Das Boom celebrates the hard working Detroit man!”

Mekeisha Madden Toby is a Los Angeles based TV critic and entertainment writer.