Decorating with Pantone’s twin colors of the year

Kathryn Weber
Tribune Content Agency

For 2016, Pantone has come out not with one but two “it” colors for 2016. The colors, reminiscent of a nursery, are a powdery blue called “Serenity” and a soft, pale pink called “Rose Quartz.” These colors, used stylishly, can help you break out of a design rut, so don’t think they should be relegated to children’s rooms or bathrooms. In today’s uncertain world, these calming colors are a good choice for creating a relaxed home environment.

How to use

The powdery softness of both Serenity and Rose Quartz can bring a quiet enjoyment to your rooms. Although they’re twin colors, they don’t have to be used together. An easy way to bring these colors to your attention is using them as accent colors in dark or white-colored rooms. Because they’re both pale shades, it lends a restful quality that makes either one a good choice for a bedroom. But don’t think that soft shades aren’t suited for other rooms in the house.

On the contrary, the pale colors look beautiful in both a white or gray kitchen. Or, upholster dining room chairs or banquette seating in either color to create a lighter dining area. To work with the colors, try adding them with deeper shades. A light shade of Serenity on the wall and upholstered furniture in the deeper shade makes an elegant mix. Or, mix deeper shades of Serenity with Rose Quartz or darker versions of Rose Quartz with Serenity. The contrast is both interesting and alluring.


One of the easiest ways to add new colors to your decor is with accessories. Simple swaps of objects such as lamps or rugs can carry the new colors into your rooms. The Cozy Shag Rug in soft pink from adds a delicate touch underfoot and a light touch to the eye. Or, the Berkeley table lamp with a white drum shade and Spa Blue finish from hits just the right blue note.

For the bedroom, the Lucianna Medallion duvet cover and sham from has the soft blue shade of Serenity with a grown up medallion pattern that makes your bedding at once serene and sophisticated.

For an infusion of rose in the bathroom, look no further than Christy Supreme towels in blush color from

Go beach

Although Serenity is a pale blue shade and Rose Quartz is a pale pink, they both create the soft colors of sunrise and sunset at the beach. If you love these colors and want to use them throughout your home, think about going for a beach design that relies heavily on white as a backdrop for these two soothing shades. While powdery blue and pink go in and out of fashion, a beach house design with these two colors is always classic.