Outsource your spring-cleaning to get it done faster

Kathryn Weber
Tribune Content Agency

Nothing makes you want to get outside more than a beautiful spring day. When the weather is warm and sunny, the last thing you feel like doing is putting in lots of time indoors for spring-cleaning. This year, try outsourcing most of your chores.

One of the major ways you can save yourself some time with spring-cleaning is to use helper services. Try websites like Task Rabbit (www.taskrabbit.com) to find businesses or helpers who can get jobs done around the house for you. Another option is to simply check with your neighbors on the Next Door neighborhood website (www.nextdoor.com) for recommendations from your neighbors for helpers in your area.

Some of these spring-cleaning chores you can easily outsource include sidewalk, porch and house washing. House washing companies will come out and remove mildew from the siding on your house, your sidewalks and porches, and freshen up your driveway. You can even find companies who will come out and clean off last summer’s grease of your grill, recondition it to make it look like new, and repair or replace old grills. If you team up with some of your neighbors, you might be able to get the whole neighborhood washed and get a discount too.

Inside, carpet cleaning services can tackle those entryways that are stained or freshen up and steam clean all your carpets (www.stanleysteemer.com). Another wonderful service carpet cleaner companies offer? Grout cleaning. Over time areas like foyers, bathrooms and kitchens get ground in stains in the tile grout that resist cleaning. Grout cleaning will clean your tile and grout, and they’ll often reseal it, protecting it from staining in the future.

Housekeeping service

If you want a spring-cleaning but don’t want regular housekeeping, don’t overlook hiring a housekeeping service. Many national housekeeping services offer in depth spring and fall cleaning that puts all the work on them and gives you a fresh and deeply cleaned home (www.maids.com). If you’re short on time, have health problems with lifting or are unable to do the cleaning, hiring a service might be your best bet. Because they work in teams, housekeeping services can do much more in a shorter amount of time than most homeowners can do working all day. Have housekeeping services do those bigger chores like window cleaning, cleaning behind and under appliances or giving the oven some sparkle.


Even if most of your spring-cleaning goes on indoors, hire a landscape company to come out and rake out beds, remove dead limbs or take out shrubs that died over the winter. Then have them plant with new bedding plants and mulch your beds. Your house will look fresh and new inside and out, and it won’t take you all summer to recover from all your spring-cleaning.