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Remedy fashion emergencies with these everyday items

Nikia Jefferson
Tribune Content Agency

Fashion emergencies and wardrobe malfunctions are simply unavoidable. And is it just me, or do they seem to occur as soon as you are about to leave the house?

I recently discovered the trick of using non-acetone nail polish remover to eliminate scuffs from patent leather shoes. It worked like magic and soon had me wondering about other fashion hacks I could be missing out on. Thus, I decided to dust off the old Rolodex (do people even use that anymore?) and reach out to three of my wardrobe stylist friends to find out what other #fashionfails I could resolve with items already lying around the house. They dropped a few gems and disclosed some of their secrets.

From lemon juice to pencil erasers, you may be surprised at how easy it is to resolve some of your common wardrobe issues. So keep reading and take plenty of notes.

The experts

Redgi Woods

With his work in styling, wardrobe, art direction, fashion design and production, there really is nothing that Woods can’t do. His commitment to social responsibility and being green fuels his determination to ensure all designs and production needs are made and sourced in America. Currently on tour with Marie Osmond, his client roster also includes Alonzo and Tracy Mourning, Feist and Dartmouth College.

Whitney Middleton

This Chicago-based costumer and stylist is currently the visual director for rising star, Jamila Woods, and she has worked on multiple projects with Chance the Rapper for stage shows and press. Middleton’s styling prowess has been seen on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” “Saturday Night Live” and “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” and also featured in The FADER, Chicago magazine and Essence. No big deal.

Aaron Christmon

After working for various top luxury fashion retailers, Christmon began to cultivate his fashion skills and unique style. Over the past six years, he has turned his love for fashion into a career of transforming wardrobes and ultimately how people view themselves. He also launched the company Smart Dress, where he provides an array of services including personal shopping and closet reorganization as well as fashion show and event production. His client list includes heavy hitters like Gabby Douglas, Malik Yoba, Fantasia Barrino and Elle Varner.

Redgi Woods hacks

Lemon juice: “Diluted with water, lemon juice becomes a perfect (and natural) fabric refresher. Usually after the steaming or ironing process, I will spray garments just to give them that extra fresh zest before the client actually interacts with the garments.”

Coconut oil: “When working with leather garments, coconut oil is great at adding moisture and making the garments really pop on camera.”

Whitney Middleton hacks

Blow-dryer: “Leather shoes rubbing you the wrong way? Put shoes on and aim a blow-dryer at the sore spots to soften the leather. If the problem persists, place a piece of stick-on moleskin inside the shoe where the rubbing occurs.”

Rubber kitchen gloves: “Pet hair problem? Put on a pair of clean rubber kitchen gloves and gently drag fingertips over fabric to remove hair. It works great on upholstery too!”

Aaron Christmon hacks

Pencil eraser: “During cooler months, I love wearing suede shoes, which can be costly and easily get stained or scuffed. Having a pencil eraser handy is a safe and easy way to remove stains from suede. Just simply start erasing, and smudges will disappear like magic.”

Wet wipes: “One of my favorite go-tos for stain emergencies are baby/wet wipes. When it comes to removing stains on clothing, they usually always do the trick! The wipes are also really great for women who accidentally get makeup around their collars. After all, no girl wants bronzer on her bib.”