Make the outdoors your favorite napping place

Kathryn Weber
Tribune Content Agency

Outdoor living spaces have become popular additions to yards and gardens. Nowadays, we have created living areas out of patios, fashioned intimate spaces out of porches and have outfitted our outdoors with full-blown kitchens. Taking this all a step further, why not take your sleeping space outdoors, too? Adding a stylish, comfortable spot to while away the afternoon with a good book or simply enjoy a nap al fresco can transform your outdoors into your favorite spot to snooze.

Canopy beds

A trip to an elegant resort is all the inspiration you need to create your own canopy bed outdoors. Larger than a bed, this is like a floating deck but holds cushions to relax on and enjoy the great outdoors. These beds come in a variety of styles that range from simple beds with a retractable shade to four poster platforms just right for two or more (

If you’re handy, you can make your own canopy bed, creating just the features you want most. Decide if you’d prefer the bed to be larger than the bed cushion to create a small deck, or if you’d like it to be a simple platform or have a pergola overhead. Complete sets, like the Madera Teak Daybed, that include cushions and canopy cover can make putting up an outdoor bed fast work ( Other options include keeping the decking stationary or adding a bed swing.


More popular than ever, hammocks are showing up in parks and college campuses; just about any place there are two trees or posts. But if you’re serious about creating a relaxing hammock experience in an open space, there are two important considerations. The first is a hammock frame.

Buying a frame ensures that you’ll be supported safely and that you won’t damage any trees. It also enables you to put a hammock wherever there’s space to spread out, whether that’s in the garden or on an upstairs porch.

The second consideration is a stretcher. Unlike simple rope hammocks, the type of hammocks that have a stretcher make the hammock experience more comfortable and easier to get in and out of. To make your hammock even more enjoyable, consider adding a cushion to the top and you’ll have a soft, comfortable foundation without hammock knots digging into your skin. You can buy the whole set of frame, hammock with stretcher and pad for less than $100 at Wal-Mart.

Swinging beds

These have grown in favor both indoors and out. Swinging beds can be hung from the rafters in your ceiling if you have a porch that would make a nice spot for a nap. They can also be hung from pergolas. The nice thing is that swinging beds, which used to be a test of your carpentry skills, can now be bought online so that you only need to find the spot the secure them ( If you like the idea of a swinging bed but worry about drilling into your rafters, opt for a swinging bed with canopy that can be assembled in an afternoon (