Retro fashion: The ’90s are coming back

Nikia Jefferson
Tribune Content Agency

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or avoiding any and all fashion blogs and magazines, you are fully aware that the ’90s are back in a major way. One of the many micro trends from that era taking today’s fashion by storm is the choker necklace. Yes, I’m talking “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”/Cher Horowitz chokers.

Many of us who were teens in the ’90s (there I go showing my age again) are having a bit of a struggle deciding if this is a trend we want to reintroduce into our wardrobe at this stage of our lives. Luckily, this time around, chokers are available in a plethora of designs, colors, and fabrics, making it easier to adapt the trend to your current lifestyle or personal style choices. I’ve also found that the modern day versions have become a little more sophisticated, thus catering to our grownup preferences. So, let’s explore a few options.

When you think of the chokers that dominated the fashion scene in the ’90s, I’m sure the grunge-like velvet (with or without a dangling pendant) and tattoo styles are the first to come to mind. You can still find chokers today that are highly influenced by those styles, but the key to keeping things fresh is to seek out the ones that take it to the next level.

Still have an affinity for velvet? Try a necklace made with softer, plusher velvet in navy or burgundy instead of black. The Dannijo Vix necklace is the perfect example. And with the Swarovski crystal pendant in front and tie closure in back, it’s a great option for dressier looks.

Although the tattoo choker is a thing of a past, the new, lace options are a great alternative. Thick or thin, straight edge or scalloped, lace chokers are probably the simplest way to ease into the trend. They are a bit more stylish than their velvet counterparts and equally as friendly on the wallet (see the ALDO Verawet necklace).

Many brands have added chains to the velvet and lace chokers to create a layered look. The chains with metal pendants (ASOS) or oversized tassels (Jules Smith) are some my personal favorites. There is also the thin suede lariat or wrap choker style. It is the most versatile, as you can wrap it around your neck as much or as little as you please. Tipped with metal charms or tassels, it becomes an even more playful accessory.

Indie brands are also pumping out their own renditions. Los Angeles-based brand JAKIMAC has quite a selection of leather chokers that somehow manages to stay on trend while remaining true to the edgy, JAKIMAC aesthetic. The affordable O-Ring Choker Necklace is available in 15 color/hardware combinations (black leather with black hardware is a winner). No big brand is offering up those kinds of options. JAKIMAC also has the Chainlink Choker Necklace that can be adjusted to worn at the collarbone, which is ideal for those that prefer to put their money toward a necklace they can wear even after the trend dies.

As you can see, whichever style of choker you fancy now will certainly be more elevated than what we wore decades ago. And thankfully, so is our wardrobe.