Detroit Vs. Everybody founder releases Everybody Vs. COVID-19 line

Hoodies and T-shirts to raise money for Detroit small business fund

Adam Graham
The Detroit News

Detroit Vs. Everybody founder Tommey Walker is bringing people together to fight COVID-19. And in the process, he's raising money for local small businesses. 

On Thursday, Walker unveiled a new apparel line in the popular Detroit Vs. Everybody style, with the message Everybody Vs. COVID-19.

Tommey Walker's Everybody Vs. Covid-19 shirts will raise money for Detroit small businesses.

Hoodies are black with white writing and are for sale for $59.99 at; T-shirts are $34.99. 

Proceeds from sales will benefit the Detroit Small Business Stabilization Fund, which will provide financial assistance to small businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic. For more on the fund and to donate, visit

"This is to remind us that it's Everybody against the virus, rather than Everybody against each other," Walker said in a statement. "We want this message to spread and take root faster than the virus itself." 

Detroit vs. Everybody owner Tommey Walker Jr., 30, sold candy to his classmates while in middle school in Detroit. He switched to CDs at Cass Technical High School.

Walker founded the Detroit Vs. Everybody brand in 2012. He's since augmented the design to spread messages about everything from the fight against cancer to referees at Detroit Lions games

Celebs from Eminem to Keith Urban and pro sports teams including the Detroit Lions and Pistons have embraced the brand.