You may have never planned to be this in-tuned with the natural state of your hair. 

As the COVID-19 mandate requiring closure of non-essential businesses marches on, those who visit barbershops and hair salons regularly face having to tame their own manes or cope with the new looks. 

One thing many area stylists agree on is that if you regularly get your hair colored by a professional, do not reach for the drugstore box of hair dye. 

"It can be very hard to color hair correctly at home and the charge for color correction services can be very expensive," warns Leah Elizabeth Woods, manager of Dynfly color bar in Rochester Hills and a stylist at 6 Salon in Royal Oak. 

Woods said in the wake of the social distancing measures due to the coronavirus pandemic, she's had only a few clients ask for home visits. 

"As of right now, that's not something we are advising for stylists or advocating for during the quarantine," she said.

Woods says rather than fool around with color, use this time to come up with a new style. 

"It's better to experiment with new ways to pin up the hair if you're working with gray coverage, and maybe use the time to find pictures that you like online so you can try a new style when we can get back into the salons," she said. "There are also some really effective root sprays — aerosol as well as powder form — that are really good for covering roots until we can get back to our normal routines."

Adrienne Looper, of Flip Salon in Ferndale, agrees that home visits are not on the table right now for her. 

"I've had a few clients ask but haven't pressured me about it," she said. "I would not consider doing it. It's not worth theirs or my health." 

Looper also warns against home-coloring kits. 

"Most color corrections start at $100 an hour, so if they have expendable money, then go ahead and use that box color," she says. 

"Don't cut or color your own hair," says Looper, adding that no one is going to any grand events any time soon anyway. "If they have online meetings and such, I suggest getting a color spray for their roots ... there are cute clips for bangs and colored spray for grays."

Natasha Vranic, co-owner of Craft salon in Royal Oak, suggests R + Co.'s Bright Shadows root touch-up spray, which can be purchased online and comes in a variety of hues. 

"You spray it on your roots or new growth and it helps blend and mask the gray," she said, also suggesting that this is a good time to take to YouTube to learn some new braiding or other styling techniques. She's also been giving clients virtual styling lessons via her Facebook. 

"Now is the time to learn how to finally curl your hair with the flat iron," said Vranic, who says it was a hard decision to temporarily close her salon but knows it was the right thing to do. 

"I'm hoping that by me remaining professional, sanitary and healthy that my clients will do the same and they will wait for me so we can all be safe together," she said. 

Stylist Jess Vertregt of Sage Hair Studio is also telling her clients to back away from the shears and leave their tresses alone until the stay-at-home order is over. 

"Don't cut it, don't color it," she said, adding that this is a good time for some to give their scalp and hair a breather to recover from color and styling. "Your family won't judge you, and we'll all come out of this looking like the same crazy messes."

Another bit of advice from your local stylist: consider paying for your next service now. Many salon employees are out of work right now but still have bills to pay, and some are being buoyed by clients who have sent them tips or pre-paid for services via PayPal, Venmo or other personal payment apps.

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