When it comes to transforming their yard, Pam and Bill Csatari of Northville Township have put in the hard work and now they're seeing the results.

Over two phases, the couple pulled out pine trees and later a honey locust tree and their deck. Using Tracy Disabato-Aust’s book, "The Well-Designed Mixed Garden" as her guide, Pam developed her own mixed border garden design plan to install.

"My design is more about following my heart, attracting pollinators, and trying to avoid using chemicals," said Pam in an email.

Pam's photo, "Backyard Oasis," is this week's winner of the Homestyle Garden Photo Contest. She'll win a free garden or home book; her photo also will be a finalist to win the grand prize at the end of the summer, a $200 English Gardens gift card.

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