It's time to nominate your Michiganian of the Year for 2022

The Detroit News

Michigan endured another challenging year in 2021. The obstacles were great, and remain so, but thanks to its remarkable citizenry, our state has persevered.

It's time again to thank those whose talents, charity and sacrifice continue to make Michigan a great place to live and work.  

Please help us identify those Michigan residents whose contributions and accomplishments recommend them for a new class of Michiganians of the Year.

Again this year, The Detroit News will honor some of the folks who have given so much of themselves to better the lives of their fellow residents. Pictured are the 2021 awardees.

From unsung heroes to those very much in the public eye, please send us your thoughts on who should be honored.

Nominees can come from the business and philanthropic communities, arts and culture, sports or everyday people who've made their neighborhoods, and by extension our entire state, a richer, more interesting place to live.  

We're also seeking nominations for the Angelo B. Henderson Community Commitment Award. The honor is named after the late Pulitzer prize winner and former Detroit News reporter and is awarded to individuals who confront community challenges at the street level.

How to nominate

To nominate someone as a Michiganian of the Year, please put together a one-page description of the individual and how he or she has contributed to our state. Please include your name and telephone number.

Send the nomination via email to Executive Assistant Audra Erby-Leake at Please put "Michiganians of the Year" in the subject line.

The deadline is March 1, 2022.