Abby: Sapphires pass as diamonds in mistaken identity

Dear Abby
Jeanne Phillips

Dear Abby: Last year I gave my new girlfriend, “Alyssa,” a pair of earrings for her birthday. She loved them and became emotional. I thought it was because it was the first piece of jewelry I had ever bought for her.

When she opened the box I explained that they were her birthstone — sapphires — but WHITE sapphires. In her excitement she must have missed that part.

Yesterday I overheard my granddaughter ask Alyssa if they were real diamonds, and Alyssa told her yes!

She cherishes the earrings and has told me numerous times she will never take them off.

I want to make this right, but I’m afraid she’ll feel embarrassed because she must have told her girlfriends and family I gave her diamond earrings — which I didn’t. Abby, what do I do?

Loving Boyfriend in Virginia

Dear Boyfriend: You should straighten this out with your girlfriend, but do it privately. After that, let her disclose the fact that her diamond earrings are really sapphires at her discretion — or not.

Dear Abby: When my husband’s daughter and her husband invite us to visit them, there is never any preparation or advance planning. They provide no clean sheets or towels.

There’ve been many more incidents and general narcissistic and rude behavior. My husband wants a relationship with his daughter. What to do?

Just Wants To Relax

Dear Just Wants: You either grin and bear it — and that includes laundering your own sheets and towels when you visit — or send your husband to visit his daughter alone.

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