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Abby: Knitted breast prostheses made with loving care

Dear Abby
Jeanne Phillips

Dear Abby: You would be doing millions of women a great service by telling them about Knitted Knockers Support Foundation. It has been tirelessly working at inspiring volunteer knitters and crocheters to provide FREE soft, light prostheses for breast cancer survivors.

Typically, the traditional prostheses can be hot, heavy, expensive and take quite a while to arrive. Knitted Knockers are made by people who care. Sometimes your request can be filled that very day. All you need to do is ask. These are sent nationwide and all over the world.

I learned about this wonderful organization earlier this year, and I am now the Northern California distribution point. The response we’ve had from women who receive them is astounding.

Please let breast cancer survivors know about Knitted Knockers at There they will find an order form to fill out, and we will be happy to mail out one or a pair. They give women confidence and comfort at a time when they can really use it.

If you know a knitter or crocheter, encourage them to join the cause. Knit and crochet patterns and a list of acceptable yarns are on the website.

Abby, thanks for passing the word on!

Claire G. in California

Dear Claire: I know many women will be glad to know about the service you are offering, and grateful for the knitters and crocheters who devote their time so generously to make recovery easier for breast cancer survivors. Thank you for writing.

Dear Abby: It’s Santa here, asking if I could address your readers about a couple of things my helpers at the malls are bringing to my attention.

First and foremost: When you stand in line with your child, and it’s finally their turn and they start to cry, scream and tremble, please DON’T force them to sit on Santa’s lap. If you do, you are traumatizing your child. Is a picture really worth your child’s well-being?

Next, I would discourage new moms from rushing from the hospital with their newborn, 2- or 3-day-old babies. You need to remember how many children sit on Santa’s lap. Babies’ immune systems are fragile, and Santa’s suit can be loaded with germs. Thanks for your time, Abby, and Merry Christmas to all.

Shopping Mall Santa

Dear S.M. Santa: Thank you for your sensible suggestions. Some parents’ heads become so full of sugarplums at Christmas that they forget their little ones are too young to associate Santa with the goodies he brings with him. I hope readers will take your message to heart.

Dear Abby: My son was married twice to different women. I had two daughters-in-law. He is now married to a man.

Is his spouse my son-in-law?

Mom in Maine

Dear Mom: Yes. Refer to him as your son-in-law and, if your son is finally happy with his spouse, your “son-in-love.”

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