Dear Abby: Two years ago, my boyfriend broke up with me by sending me a note. We had been together for 14 years. His boss had introduced him to a twice-divorced woman with three kids. What really hurts me is he started his new relationship with a lie. He told her he wasn’t involved with anyone.

He just contacted me to tell me they are engaged. I feel bad for his fiancee and her kids because he is very self-centered. When we dated, we never went anywhere. I don’t want her to end up with a broken heart like I did. Abby, does the truth ever win out?

Brokenhearted Jersey Gal

Dear Gal: Yes, sometimes it does, but in this case, it’s not going to bring your boyfriend back. The truth is, you’re still heartbroken about losing him. He and his fiancee have been together for two years. By now she knows him pretty well. I doubt there is anything you could say that would break them up, so stop looking backward and start looking toward your own future. Only then will your broken heart heal.

Dear Abby: My husband is a wonderful man. However, over the last few years he has developed an annoying habit of telling jokes wherever we go and to whomever we interact with. Most times his jokes are off-color.

He does it in mixed company when we are out to dinner with friends. It embarrasses me, and I feel it’s demeaning to women in general. I’m afraid he’s getting a reputation of being a dirty old man. Most of the jokes are ones he hears at the gym where he works out every day.

I’ve asked him to stop, but he thinks he’s being funny and no one minds. I’ve threatened that the next time he does it I’ll leave the table and go home. How else do I handle this?

Losing My Sense Of Humor

Dear Losing Your Sense Of Humor: You say you are friendly with these couples. If that’s the case, discuss this with some of the other wives. Tell them how you feel, and ask them how they feel about your husband’s jokes. If they, too, find them embarrassing, you might get your message across more effectively if you — and they — tell your husband as a group that you’d like him to stop.

Dear Abby: I feel uncomfortable when people end conversations with “I love you.” It creeps me out when a man does it. I always thought those words were reserved for someone you are intimate with. Am I wrong to think “I love you” has become meaningless from overuse?

Uncomfortable in Texas

Dear Uncomfortable: It’s not uncommon for good friends of both sexes to say “Love you” or “I love you” to each other, as well as to extended relatives. In my opinion, it’s healthy for people to express their feelings, because there’s never too much love. Our world could use more expressions of it, not fewer.

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