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Abby: Thanksgiving peace prayer to bring world together

Dear Abby
Jeanne Phillips

Dear Abby: Our organization, No Greater Love, is a nonprofit humanitarian organization that honors America’s fallen and their families, and promotes peace. I am reaching out to you and your millions of readers about an important event we are planning. NGL invites you and your readers to become links in our Chain of Prayer for Peace.

As you gather together at Thanksgiving, please consider adding a special prayer for peace. Our goal is to link children and adults of all religions by praying on that day — and every day possible — for peace in the world.

We have invited the five major world religions — Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism — all of which regard peace as a universal concept. While our specific beliefs may differ, we are all one through our quest for love and peace.

Carmella LaSpada

Dear Carmella: I am sure my readers will agree that your idea is one worth trying. I’m reminded of the adage that when a stone is tossed into a pond, the ripple effect spreads much farther than the point of impact. It’s my prayer that when readers of all faiths focus their positive energy on such an important outcome, something similar will happen.

Dear Abby: My boyfriend, “Mark,” and I have been dating for three months, but have been friends for about eight years. Neither of us have it together (career-wise) at the moment. Mark is two years older than me.

For some reason, he’s hesitant about getting his driver’s license. When I brought it up when he was a senior in high school — we were just friends then — he said he was going to get it before graduation. That was seven years ago. Now he’s my boyfriend, and I feel weird picking him up and dropping him off.

His excuse is he wants to perfect parallel parking. When I got my driver’s license, I did just OK with parallel parking, but I passed the driving test. How do I approach him about getting his driver’s license?

Getting Nowhere in Georgia

Dear Getting Nowhere: For whatever reason, I suspect that Mark hasn’t been completely honest about why he hasn’t gotten his driver’s license. Approach him directly, and tell him you are uncomfortable providing all the transportation. And if his excuse is he wants to perfect his parallel parking, suggest he take a driver’s education course.

Dear Abby: My husband and I recently moved to Florida. We are meeting people, but are confused regarding social activities.

We have been invited to get-togethers several times only to be instructed to bring our own drinks and an appetizer to share. When we entertain, we don’t expect our guests to bring anything. Is this the norm?

Confused in Florida

Dear Confused: It may be the norm in the community where you are now living, but it’s news to me. I have heard of a BYOB party, and I have heard of a potluck party, but never a “Bring Your Own EVERYTHING” party.

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