Dear Abby: Husband’s pantyhose fixation bothers wife

Dear Abby
Jeanne Philips

Dear Abby: I’m having difficulty understanding my husband’s obsession with pantyhose. When we met 10 years ago, he explained to me during a phone conversation that he liked wearing pantyhose and nylon stockings. He’s not an outward cross-dresser. His obsession is limited to simply wearing nylon. I accepted his eccentricities and we have shared a wonderful 10 years together.

I love him more than you can imagine. I admire his honesty with me from the beginning of our relationship. I mean, how many men would tell an almost complete stranger he’s hoping to date that he enjoys wearing nylons? I have respected his honesty, but as of late, his obsession is bothering me. What do I do?

Annoyed in Michigan

Jeanne Phillips

Dear Annoyed: You can adjust your thinking for the purpose of not destroying an otherwise wonderful 10-year relationship. Some men, like your husband, enjoy the sensation of nylon against their skin. As you probably already know, it doesn’t affect their intimate relationship with their partners. The person with the “obsession” may be you, not him. If this is your husband’s only “snag,” thank your higher power and concentrate on all the things you love about him that make him unique.

Dear Abby: I enjoy watching sporting events that I record earlier in the day or a day or so before. I don’t like knowing the outcome of the event before I watch, so I’m careful not to watch TV or listen to the radio before playing back the recorded event. My husband (of 36 years) knows I feel this way, but sometimes he forgets and tells me the outcome.

Our son, who is 13, became aware of the results of a game, and I asked him (twice) to please keep it to himself. He told me anyway, in front of my husband. I was irritated and asked him why he had intentionally ruined the event. My husband said I need to “get Zen” and didn’t think it was a big deal. Is my request so ridiculous that they should be fine with disregarding it?

Waiting to Watch

Dear Waiting: Of course not. Your 13-year-old son was being a brat, and your husband allowed him to disrespect your wishes. What you were asking for is no different than not wanting to know the end of a movie or the outcome of an awards show. It’s time you and your hubby had a serious discussion about what happened so it won’t happen again. And your kid should be told that if he does it again, there will be repercussions.

Dear Abby: I never thought I would be writing to you, but I have a neighbor who lets her young daughter play outside, close to the street and scream at the top of her lungs. When I ran out a couple of times to see if she was OK, the mom told me to stop being so “nosy.” Every night when I hear her screaming, I’m afraid she’s in some type of danger. What should I do?

Concerned Neighbor

Dear Concerned Neighbor: What you should do is remember that when children play outside, they use their outside voices, which includes screaming, and do as the neighbor told you. Only worry if you hear sirens.

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