Good Stuff: Noosa yogurt, blackberry cocktail, ginger tip

Kate Lawson
The Detroit News

One good yogurt

The Noosa Finest Yoghurt folks had me at first blueberry bite when I initially tasted that creamy goodness a few years ago. Founded by a collective of Australian ex-pats and Colorado natives, Noosa is an Aussie-style yogurt with a velvety texture made in small batches, set and infused with honey and seasonal fruit purees to give it that delicious sweet-tart tang. Now two new flavors, a tropical coconut and pineapple, have been added to the yummy lineup. Look for Noosa Yoghurt at Whole Foods, Target and Kroger in 8-ounce cups retailing for about $2.49.

One good cocktail

If you’re lucky enough to grab some blackberries before they disappear for another year, hurry up and make this refreshing Blackberry and Ginger Cocktail perfect for September nights.

Muddle ½ pint blackberries and 8 mint sprigs in a large pitcher. Mix in 1 ½ cups vodka, 1 cup fresh lime juice and 3 12-ounce cans or bottles ginger beer. Serve over ice garnished with more mint. Makes 4 cocktails.

One good tip

There’s nothing like the flavor of fresh ginger in salad dressing, marinades and baked goods, but grating ginger can be really hard on the fingertips and is a chore to do. Especially when a recipe calls for ginger juice. To make quick work of the task, cut off a small piece of ginger, peel and place in a garlic press. You can extract the juice and retrieve the small ginger bits in one easy step.