Good stuff: Pretzel baking, foodie hoodie, bacon tip

Kate Lawson
The Detroit News

One good hoodie

Black Radish Creamery is a family-run food company in Ohio that lives by the motto "local tastes better." I second that, so why not wear that motto to keep warm? I found this cool Black Radish unisex hoodie on It's available in men's or women's sizes M, L and XL. Price is $60.

One good tool

Oktoberfest parties with beer and pretzels are on the horizon and you can show off your your pretzel pizzazz with the Silpat Perfect Pretzel Mat. This nonstick mat features pretzel-shaped guidelines to help lay out the dough in the classic pretzel shape with consistent results and allows beautifully baked pretzels to slide easily off the pan. Oh, and it cleans up quickly. Coming in October from for $24.99.

One good tip

A pound of bacon between two people can often turn rancid before it's used up. To avoid this, roll each bacon slice into a cylinder and place four or six cylinders in a zip-top freezer bag and freeze. Then you can easily remove what you need when you need it.