One good cocktail

This brandy old-fashioned drink featured on would make the perfect cocktail for Thanksgiving:

Fall Wisconsin Old Fashioned

1/2 teaspoon brown sugar

½ orange slice

½ teaspoon grenadine syrup

5 dashes Angostura bitters

1 ½ ounces brandy

1 ½ ounces apple cider

Ginger ale

apple slices, brandied cherries, and crystallized ginger, for garnish

Combine brown sugar, orange slice, grenadine, and bitters in an Old Fashioned glass. Muddle until brown sugar is mostly dissolved. Add a handful of ice cubes, then add the brandy and apple cider. Top off with ginger ale. Garnish with an apple slice and/or a skewer of brandied cherries and crystallized ginger, if desired. Makes 1 cocktail

One good oil

For healthy cooking, try avocado oil. Bella Vado Avocado Oil is handcrafted at the da Silva family grove in Southern California using a careful technique combining modern day technology and old world knowledge. The unfiltered, unrefined oil provides essential vitamins and nutrients and has heart healthy benefits (and anti-wrinkle properties). Free of trans-fatty acids and cholesterol fats and able to heat to 480 degrees, the five flavors, lemon, lime, garlic, jalepeno and original, are available at Whole Foods and for $14.

One good pickle

Friday is National Pickle Day, and the chefs at MGM Grand Detroit are rolling out their house-made pickles to use in your holiday entertaining. Featuring Bread & Butter Pickles and Dill Pickle Spears, the chefs use Michigan cucumbers in their special pickles. Look for the Bread & Butter pickles at the Breeze Dining Court for $6 for a 16-ounce jar and the Dill pickles for $7 at the MGM Grand Detroit and Breeze.

Compiled by Kate Lawson

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