Good stuff: A citrus squeezer, cheese and a trend

One good citrus squeezer

The IMUSA Red Citrus Squeezer from from the GlobalKitchen Caribbean line is a handy tool that operates like an oversized garlic press. Start with a cut citrus half, then simply press down to squeeze and extract juice. A little bit of pressure goes a long way. The squeezer is ergonomic and juices lemon or limes quickly, without the seeds or mess. Available at Target and for $8.99.

Two good cheeses

Fromager d’ Affinois with Truffles is a Brie-like chese with the smoky addition of truffles. Created by Fromagerie Guilloteau, the double-cream cheese becomes almost liquid at room temperature. Cost varies, but is around $13 for 7.5 ounces. Available at most major retailers and online. Also by the Fromagerie Guilloteau is the Saint Angel A triple-cream soft cheese with a buttery texture. It goes well with Champagne. Cost is around $26 for a 1.7-pound package.

One good food trend

“The move from ‘clean’ to ‘clear’ labeling is a key trend for 2015, reflecting a move to clearer and simpler claims and packaging for maximum transparency,” reports Lu Ann Williams, of Innova Market Insights, a company out of the Netherlands that tracks food and purchasing habits developments. People are spending more time checking ingredients and embracing natural and simplified products. A caveat, however, is the lack of definition of “natural,” the company said, and there is a need for more clarity.

Compiled by Steve Pardo