Raise a glass of cranberry sangria

Maureen Petrosky

When I entertain, I make drinks that can do double duty as delicious offerings and gorgeous centerpieces. Whether placed on my bar or in the center of the dinner table, this seasonal cranberry sangria is perfect for your next gathering.

Simply grab a large pitcher and mix together the ingredients listed below. I suggest you use a nice bottle of rum. I chose one that is smooth and has delicious vanilla and coconut notes, and it played so nicely with the tart fruits. You’ll also notice that I only use a little sugar, as I prefer my sangria to be less sweet than most. Last but not least, this pour also has some spritz, perfect for making any party more festive.

Sparkling White Cranberry Sangria

1/4 cup sugar

1 cup rum, like Selvarey or another high-quality white rum

1 cup diced red apple

1 cup diced green apple

1 cup fresh or frozen cranberries

1 bottle chardonnay, unoaked or lightly oaked, chilled

1 cup white cranberry juice, chilled

2 cups club soda, chilled

Lemon twist for garnish

In a large pitcher, combine the sugar and rum and stir to dissolve. Add the apples, cranberries, chardonnay and white cranberry juice. Refrigerate for several hours or overnight.

When ready to serve, add the club soda and stir to combine. Pour into ice-filled glasses and scoop in some of the fruit. Top each glass with a lemon twist.

Recipe notes

I used frozen cranberries, but you can also use fresh. If you use fresh, your sangria will be more pink-tinted, as the berries bleed their color into the juice.

Using an oak-aged chardonnay will give the sangria more buttery flavors. I prefer unoaked for a cleaner, lighter, more refreshing sangria. You can also serve this sangria immediately, but the flavors won’t have as much time to mingle and mellow. Makes 8 servings.

Per serving: 216 calories; 0 g fat (0 g saturated fat; 0 percent calories from fat); 21 g carbohydrates; 17 g sugar; 0 mg cholesterol; 25 mg sodium; 0.3 g protein; 2 g fiber.