Good Stuff: Quinoa, a rosé, and dessert drinks



It just got a little easier to make the healthy, trendy ancient grain into your diet. Carrington Farms’ newest launch is toasted quinoa you can eat right from the package with no cooking needed. Prefect for adding into soups, yogurts or cereals. The product is available at Wal-Mart stores and online Cost is $7.49 for a 10-ounce bag.

Sweet Valentine’s Day drinks

A less expensive option to Champagne, Martini & Rossi Sparkling Rosé Minis are a way to get a single glass of bubbly without opening a traditional-sized 750-milliliter bottle. Slightly sweet with floral notes, it would go with chocolate, cheeses or fruit. Available at wine retailers throughout Metro Detroit with a suggested retail price of $14.99 for a pack of four.

Cocktail glass dessert

The restaurant Old German in Ann Arbor has come up with a sweet way to surprise your sweetheart this Valentines Day with a dessert in a cocktail glass. The “German Chocolate Cake” is a mix of dark chocolate and coconut rum liquor. The “Brother’s Grimm” includes white chocolate Godiva liquor, spicy Aztec chocolate bitters, brandy and Rumchata. And the Kirsch Cocktail involves champagne with cherry liqueur and orange bitters. The restaurant is at 120 W. Washington. Call (734) 741-7554.