Good Stuff: Potato chips, seafood sauce and ginger ale

Good bags of chips

Kettle Brand has come up with a new way to jump on the avocado bandwagon. The Salem, Oregon-based chipmaker cooks a new line of thick-and-crunchy potato chips in 100 percent avocado oil. The avocado flavor is subtle, but comes through right at the end of the chip. Available at major retailers in three flavors: Himalayan Salt, Chili Lime and Hawaiian Barbecue. Cost is $3.79 for a 6.5-ounce bag.

One good seafood sauce

A Royal Oak company has introduced the Mediterranean Simmering Sauce to the local market. Entrepreneur Kevin Carroll said the sauce is designed with seafood in mind, but can also be used with chicken or as an alternative to traditional cocktail sauce. Pop open a can and simmer away with the sauce made of tomatoes, onions,carrots, celery, bell peppers and more. Available at major stores including Kroger, Busch’s, Randazzo, Cantoro and Holiday Market in Royal Oak. Cost is $6.99-$7.99.

A good (hard) ginger ale

Not Your Father’s Ginger Ale, a botanical beer brewed with ginger, is now available in full nationwide distribution, according to Small Town Brewery, the company that launched the wildly successful Not Your Father’s Root Beer.

“The Ginger Ale was a logical next step for us. Alcoholic ginger beer — just like alcoholic root beer — was known as ‘small beer’ and enjoyed great popularity in colonial America,” Tim Kovac, founder and master brewer at Small Town, said in a release.

The beverage, available in six-pack cans and bottles, packs an alcohol content of 5.9 percent. Retail price is around $10.99

Compiled by Steve Pardo