Good Stuff: Savory bars, herb containers and a drink

One good savory bar

Mediterrra has come up with a series of snack bars that are by no means candy. Sundried Tomato and Basil, Kale and Pumpkin Seeds, and Bell Peppers and Green Olives are among the new offerings (they also offer yogurt and oat bars on the sweet side, featuring Apricot and Pistachio or Cherry and Pistachio). The savory bars are relatively low in calories at 140 and high in fiber and protein. Available at Kroger, Meijer and 7-Eleven stores. Retail price is about $2. The company is now offering free samples, too. Go to for details.

One good way to store herbs

What to do when you come home with bunches of fresh herbs, but your recipe only calls for a few? The leftovers usually hang around, unloved until they wilt and get thrown out. The Spice Cube Frozen Herb Keeper is a way to lock away herbs into cubes until they’re needed again. The cups seal tight to protect against freezer burn. Available at Sur La Table and at Cost is around $10.

One good Derby drink

Grey Goose vodka is a supporter of the Kentucky Derby and the Grey Goose Oaks Lily is the named official cocktail of the Kentucky Oaks — the premiere race for 3-year-old fillies held the day before the Derby. With the races coming up, you can make the drink at home and feel like one of the spectators in the stands.

Compiled by Steve Pardo

Oaks Lily

1  part Grey Goose Vodka

1/2 part orange liqueur  ounces sweet and sour mix

1/2 part fresh lemon juice ounces triple sec

3 ounces cranberry juice

Method: Fill glass slightly above rim with cubed ice. Pour ingredients in order listed to ½ inch from top of glass. Stir slowly and present with a fresh blackberry and a slice of lemon.