Good stuff: Bagels, coffee treats and a hard cream soda

Good limited-edition breads

English muffin powerhouse Thomas will next week unveil a limited-release special flavor of English muffins and bagels. The salted caramel muffins and bagels will be made available through mid-October in major grocery stores. The retail price of a six-pack of English muffins is $4.49 and a six-count of the bagels will retail for $4.79.

One good coffee treat

Born out of the Netherlands, the Daelmans stroopwafels are as much fun to say as to eat. The stroopwafels (syrup waffles) are meant to sit on top of your coffee or another hot beverage. The steam warms the outer biscuit, softens the caramel inside and releases aromas of cinnamon and vanilla. Available in original caramel, as well as honey and maple. A two-waffle, 2.75 ounce package is around $1.79. A 10.9-ounce cube package costs $4.50. Available at major outlets including Meijer, Target, Barnes & Noble cafes, and 7-Eleven stores.

One good adult vanilla cream

Illinois-based Small Town Brewery, the company that brought the alcoholic Not Your Father’s Root Beer to the masses, has done it again with an adult cream soda beverage. Not Your Father’s Vanilla Cream Ale is a sweet 4.1 percent alcohol brew made by using an old German style of traditional brewing called “gruit” (German for “herbs”). The gruit is an old way of flavoring beer through roots, spices, flowers and berries. Available now where craft beers are sold. Cost is around $11 for a six-pack.

Compiled by Steve Pardo