Good Stuff: Fiber bars, pizza and a drink from Brazil


Good fiber bars

Fiber One has come out with new bars that have only 150 calories, but pack in 6 grams of fiber (20 percent of the recommended daily allowance). The new flavors are chocolate cheesecake and key lime cheesecake. Available at major retailers including Meijer, Kroger and Target. The suggested retail is $3.89 for a five-pack box.

Good frozen fare

The people at DiGiorno say nine in 10 households with two or more kids at home have bought a frozen pizza in the past three month. The company recently unveiled new “Artisan Style Melts” made with focaccia bread for its frozen pizza offerings. Available at all major supermarkets. Suggested retail is $3.99 for a two-piece box.

One good Olympic drink

Brazil’s national drink, cachaça (pronounced ka-SHAH-sah) is made of fresh sugarcane juice and processed to a strength of 38 to 48 percent alcohol. With the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro right around the corner, odds are you’ll be hearing more about the distinctly Brazilian liquor. Tequila gained in popularity after the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City and Australian wines saw a boost after the 2000 games in Sydney. Get ahead of the group with this recipe:

Compiled by Steve Pardo


1.5 ounces of cachaça

Half a lime cut into cubes

2 bar spoons of white sugar

In a rocks glass, muddle the lime and sugar until well combined. Add cachaça, then pour into a shaker, add ice and shake vigorously. Pour everything back into original glass so that the contents mix with sugar that was left over in the muddle glass. Once combined, pour into a fresh rocks glass and serve with a lime wedge.