Good Stuff: Fruit, pizza and nacho snacks and a survey

Good fruit blends

The Dole company is now adding chunks of real fruit to sauces for a new product mashup. The recently released Dole Mixations combine ingredients including apple and strawberry, pineapple and mango and pineapple to a peach/apple blend. Now available at major supermarkets. Cost is approximately $2.79 for a four-pack.

Good summer snacks

Totino’s continues with inroads in the snack realm with new offerings in pizza, as well as nachos. The Totino’s Pizza Sticks are individually wrapped and go from frozen to finished in 60 seconds in the microwave. A six-stick package is $3.99. Also, the company has released Stuffed Nachos. The triangular treats have a crispy crust and come as a “supreme” stuffed with chicken, beef, red bell peppers and jalapenos and “queso” with cheese filing, onions and the red bell peppers. A 34-count retails for around $3.99 and a 52-count package costs around $5.99.

One good food survey

The restaurant ratings and review company Zagat has come out with a survey that shows we do, indeed, get cranky when we’re hungry. The “hangry” syndrome is real, 62 percent of Americans admit to experiencing the irritability-causing, impatience-driving combination of hunger and anger, according to the company. Also, 20 percent of hangry people have alienated a loved one, 16 percent find hanger strikes in the morning and 50 percent of people experience impatience, according to Zagat.

Compiled by Steve Pardo