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Good Stuff: Frosting, organic rice and an anniversary

Good frostings

Finally, a frosting for cakes, cupcakes and cookies for the “clean food” fanatic. Made with half the sugar of natural and conventional frosting brands, new Simple Mills Organic Frosting still adds sweetness and creaminess to baked goods. Available in vanilla and chocolate flavors, the new frostings contain just eight ingredients. Each 10-ounce container costs around $5 and frosts one cake or 24 cupcakes. Available at Whole Foods and other specialty retailers.

Good organic rice

Staying with organics, the Mahatma rice company has introduced organic versions of their whole grain brown rice, as well as their extra long grain white rice. Both of the Mahatma Organic Rice can be prepared either on the stove or in the microwave, and comes packaged in 2-pound bags. Cost is about $3.15 and the products can be found in major supermarket chains including Wal-Mart, Meijer and Kroger.

One good tasty anniversary

The best burger in Metro Detroit is a hotly debated topic and of course, a matter of personal taste. But one restaurant consistently rated as one of the very best is celebrating its 75th anniversary this fall. Miller’s, 23700 Michigan in Dearborn, opened in 1941 and the venerable institution is still serving up a 7-ounce burger sans fanfare on a steamed white bun on a square of wax paper. Cash only and you still won’t get a bill; you tell the server what you consumed.

Compiled by Steve Pardo