Good Stuff: Bagels, muffins, shears and chocolate

Good seasonal bread products

Thomas’ has brought back its cranberry English muffins and cranberry bagels just in time for the holiday season. Available for a limited time, both are great toasted and make delightful sandwiches when stuffed with Thanksgiving leftovers. Available at major grocery stores and supermarkets. Cost is about $4.50 for the English muffins and $4.79 for the bagels.

One good utility tool

Butterflying a chicken or cutting through tough wing tips can be tricky using a regular shears or scissors. The FreshForce Utility Scissors is an all-purpose shears that cuts and saws easily. It features an integrated bottle opener and wire clipper. Available online at or Amazon. Cost is $14.99

Good on-the-go chocolates

After more than 90 years of offering its chocolates in their signature white box adorned with a bow, the Russell Stover company decided to “unbox” their chocolates and make them available to customers in a more snackable format. Resealable and portable, the new product lines features chocolate-covered barks, pretzels and minis. Available at convenience stores including Walgreens and Target. Costs range from around $4 to $4.30 for a 5.5-ounce or 6-ounce bag.

Compiled by Steve Pardo