Good Stuff: Chocolate potato chips, a wok and a tip

Good chocolate (potato) chips

Better Made’s Chocolate Covered Chips this year are covered with Sanders chocolate made by Morley Candy Makers Inc. The 9-ounce tins are available at retail stores in Metro Detroit and Cost is about $11. The candy maker purchased the iconic Sanders brand and recipes in 2002.

One good wok

The IMUSA Wok Set is a good starter kit for any cook looking to bring Pan Asian flavors into the kitchen. The set comes with a tempura rack, bamboo cooking chopsticks and other utensils. The metal tempura rack allows you to pull cooked food out of the heat, while still keeping it warm until serving time. Cost is around $33. Available at

Good Thanksgiving help

Butterball, which has been fielding phone calls from Thanksgiving cooks for three decades, is letting people text their turkey-related questions this year for the first time. Butterball will continue to take texts through Thanksgiving Day. Desperate cooks can text questions to (844) 877-3456 anytime, since experts — not bots — are on call 24 hours. People can also still reach out to the company’s experts through email or social media.

Compiled by Steve Pardo